From Stonewall, the Pride lives on!

Pierre Lepori, from "Whatever the Name Is" (2003)

One exiles oneself only from oneself
And a private pain is a little thing.
Only to cry out within oneself is not
crying out for everyone.

But if living has meaning
to parade angrily under the windows
of the contempt of the past
will be a way to say
"we," "all of us."
Marina Galici - dsc0123-pride2016.jpg
Pride Parade, 18 June 2016 - Palermo, Sicily, Italy

From the Riots of Stonewall (New York, 1969) to the present, preferably in the month of June, the squares and streets of countless cities and towns on our boundless but cramped planet vibrate with an untamable sentiment called -Pride-.

Personally, I do not like to talk or discuss topics that would have no reason to be discussed if the nature of things were naturally celebrated and assimilated to human truths in the harmony of existential differences and similarities.
So I leave it to the detail of a few snapshots, captured during the various Pride parades over the years, to visibly proclaim the untamed and inviolable right of freedom to be and express oneself.